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Over the past year or two, I have been playing around a little from time to time with learning game development on top of everything else that I do. To date, I haven’t really gotten anywhere and I decided that has to change if I ever want to actually publish a real game GameDevHQ I’ve...
I know that it has been a while since my last posting. I have been pretty busy with my family and regular full-time job and the holidays. I’ve been working hard on figuring out some of the game mechanics for the Match 3 mini-game and working on putting developer quality graphics and designs together. It’s...
QoH: Development Updates
I have been busy working on the logic and rules of the game and I will be adding more details to the games page. At the moment, I am thinking about building this game with Unity and Bolt. As part of my development, I am also considering building the board system into a package and...
❤️ Queen of Hearts ❤️
I am underway on my new project where I’ll be designing and publishing a match 3 game called Queen of Hearts. More to come soon as I’m starting to play with concept designs and game mechanics. I’m also in the process of filling in details on the site Stay tuned for updates. Sign up for...
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    QoH: Development Updates
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    ❤️ Queen of Hearts ❤️
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