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Over the past year or two, I have been playing around a little from time to time with learning game development on top of everything else that I do. To date, I haven’t really gotten anywhere and I decided that has to change if I ever want to actually publish a real game


I’ve been buying and partially going through courses on Udemy and I had bought several from GameDevHQ and I really enjoyed them. I signed up for an account with them on their site as a free member as at the time I didn’t really have the money to join as a Pro member. I had participated in some of the free workshops and I enjoyed them but the cost was too high for me at the time.

I then saw that they reduced the costs to the pro memberships and I was excited about being able to afford that. I lucked out and saw they were running a special and where I could get the annual pro membership for $99.00 and I was in luck as I had the money in hand. Oh, and it came with a 1-hour session with Jonathan Weinberger, the founder of GameDevHQ.

Mastermind Group

During my 1-on-1 with Jonathan, he talked to me about a special mastermind group that he is forming for the pro members who are serious about publishing a game over the year and that they are launching a new Ultimate Game Jam.

Step 1: Learning

With help from Jonathan and the other members of the mastermind group, I am working on learning a lot of the fundamentals of game development with Unity. I have been a software engineer for 12 plus years and have a pretty good handle of development and problem solving but working in Unity, you need to do things a bit differently and I feel that I have the resources I need to succeed.

Currently, I am working on a Galaxy Shooter game and I have made it about 71% through the course and for the most part I have most of the functionality done. You can see the video of my gameplay on my YouTube Channel.


I am making it a commitment to get through the learning and to work on publishing my creations but to also get entered into the Ultimate Game Jam!

Additionally, I am committing to chronicling my journey here on my blog.

Make today Amazing!

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